Jumpin Jax Arena

Jumpin Jax Arena

January 2014

Joan Blackmer and Kelly Ramirez are a couple of moms who had the entrepreneurial spirit that lead them to the pursuit of starting their own business. Jumpin’ Jax Bounce Arena was created to offer a clean, family-friendly facility for children to have fun and get exercise. Joan and Kelly heard of existing facilities that offer a similar environment and they visited these locations, ultimately they knew they had to open a location in the Greater Lansing area.

Joan and Kelly started the business development in March of 2007. The research gatherings quickly lead them in need to locating a building with high ceilings and a warehouse type location. Many warehouse type buildings are located in industrial parks and finding the right location that would provide a safe environment was a challenge. After months of searching for the right location in November of 2007 they found exactly what they were looking for. With everything in its right place, on March 15, 2008 Jumpin’ Jax Bounce Arena opened with Joan and Kelly as the only employees.

The MI-SBTDC played an integral role in helping Joan and Kelly developed their business idea. The moms first sought business counseling services from Business Consultant, Kellie Hanford at the Region 8 office. Joan and Kelly discussed with Kellie the feasibility of opening an indoor inflatable bounce house in the Greater Lansing area. Kellie stated, “We discussed legal entity, licensing along with business tax issues. After in-depth research Joan & Kelly were encouraged that their business idea was indeed feasible.” Joan and Kelly continued their research with Kellie to make sure all areas of their business plan were covered. In February of 2008, Joan and Kelly signed the lease and the facility was open to customers on May 10thof 2008. “The help that Kellie provided us has been exceptional. We were provided detailed research information, which helped us finalize our business plan.”

Jumpin’ Jax Bounce Arena is a 10,000 square foot facility that contains five giant inflatables. If you have ever been to a fair, carnival, or festival you may have seen these inflatables. Joan and Kelly bring big time fun indoors into a clean and safe environment so that families can enjoy the experience year around. With the business growing, the moms hired 7 part-time employees to help host their growing private parties. To check out the facility visit www.jumpinjaxbouncearena.com.